SV Mia Noi moored at a pubic slip in Marina Del Rey, Ca.

They say: “The two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy your boat – the other, is the day you sell your boat!” With this in mind on January 17th, 2015 I ticked ‘Day One’ off that list.

Her name was ‘Michelle’. ‘Michelle’ would be given a makeover and a name change. The result is SV ‘Mia Noi’ – My Catalina 22.

‘Mia Noi’ is Thai and translates to mean ‘minor wife’ or ‘mistress’.

This is my journey to ownership of a 1978 Catalina 22. The restoration, sanding, painting by Ruben at Seamark Marine, re-rigging, online ordering, Home Depot trips, re-wiring, phone calls to Catalina Direct and finally sea trials to get her safely back on the water.

Justin B. O’Brien – SV ‘Mia Noi’, Owner/Sailor