CDI Furler

When I purchased SV Mia Noi, she had a ‘hanked-on’ jib which was not

The CDI Flexible Furler installed and furled tight

suitable for my plan to rig the boat all lines aft and safely sail solo. I bought a CDI Flexible Furler and 135% Furling Sail from Catalina Direct.

The time between when I purchased the CDI Flexible Furler and installed it was about 8 weeks. Delivered in a large pizza size box, the plastic flexible luff required effort to straighten it out before installing. I first tied it to the boat trailer for 48 hours and then bent it back on itself for 12 hours to get the furler luff straight enough to install on the forestay. Check out the factory installation guide.

Jib 1I installed the CDI Furler single handed with the mast raised.

Having now sailed for four months with the CDI Flexible Furler rig   – I’d recommend it to anyone with a Catalina 22. It’s simple to install, furls without effort and is easily reefed.

2 thoughts on “CDI Furler

    1. Hi Chuck .. sorry for the delay. I wrapped the line the number of rotations recommended in the install manual. Good luck. It took patients to install, but my furler works great, no problems. All the best, J.


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