Firstly .. a bit of honesty! I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN! But .. that didn’t stop me re-wiring the essential components onboard SV Mia Noi. It’s the great thing about a Catalina 22 – read, ask questions, watch YouTube, learn as you go and you’ll be able to do almost every task on your boat.

My first electrical task was to replace the wire that connects the mast to the interior of the boat and the electronic panel. Because I upgraded the mast wiring and installed a steaming/deck light, I had to replace the existing wire with a ‘four strand’ wire – 1. Anchor Light, 2. Deck Light, 3. Steaming light and 4. Negative.

The original female cigarette lighter connector had rusted long ago, so it was a must to replace. Instead of paying $12 at West Marine, I went to an auto store and pick up a replacement for $3. I use the cigarette lighter to run 12 volt accessories such as an inflatable dinky pump, a kettle and hand held VHF radio charger.

For safety I also upgraded my VHF radio to a Standard Horizon GX1700 GPS/VHF combined unit. I sold the old VHF and Garmin Unit on Craigslist for $100 which took some of the sting out of buying a GPS/VHF combo. Wiring the Unit was a simply process of matching the colored wires, remembering to photograph each wire before making a cut!

I upgraded the original GPS with a Garmin EchoMap 50DV GPS/Sonar combo unit. It works great.

SV Mia Noi didn’t have a stereo when I purchased her. After seeing a stereo being installed in a Catalina 22 at Ruben’s boat yard, I knew I had to install a stereo in SV Mia Noi too! I upgraded the 200 watt speakers that came with the stereo to 400 watt speakers.

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