The inspiration for my Bimini installation came from reading the ‘Stingy Sailor’ website. If you own a Catalina 22, check out Ken’s website – it is hands down the best resource on how to upgrade your Catalina 22 without blowing your budget.

Initially I was put off installing a Bimini after seeing the $350 retail price on Catalina Direct’s website.

The bimini installed on SV Mia Noi
The bimini installed on SV Mia Noi

But ‘Stingy Sailor’ Ken’s Budget Bimini Top Solution had a Bimini installed on SV Mia Noi for $135 (postage included). The 3″ slide track set me back $36.

I purchased my Bimini from Marine and RV Direct. I recommend checking these guys out. They took the time to chat on the phone and discuss the best options to install the Bimini on SV Mia Noi the way I wanted. RV Direct sold me additional ‘straps and stainless steel’ clasps, allowing me to avoid attaching the Bimini supports to the stern pulpits. Instead, I installed ‘stainless steel eye straps’ at the stern and forward of the cockpit.

Unlike ‘Stingy Sailor’, I didn’t trim the length of the poles. My boom sits high enough to allow the Bimini to completely deploy. It’s high enough to enable you to stand in the cockpit without bending over.

See the photos for a more detailed look how the Bimini is shipped, installed and in use.

3 thoughts on “Bimini

  1. I order and received the same top from Marine RV, what is the purpose of the track? I didn’t realize until I reread your blog that you ordered extra equipment from Direct RV. Did you order two tracks, one for each side? And does this help you store the bimini? And you also required the two stainless steel eyelets? Are the eyelets for the straps? I ask because it looks like your straps are on the forward section of the Bimini, and the poles in then aft section are mounted to the boat, but maybe they are mounted to the eyelets… If you have the links to the track you used, please post that as well.




  2. What additional hardware did you require? I do not have pushpit hardware at the stern, so I am not quite sure if I should install the rear support poles. I thought about installing additional eyelets, then use additional straps, which would result in the forward and aft sections of the bimini to be supported via straps, and only the center support would be mechanically attached to the boat via the 36″ tracks. Any comments?




    1. Hi Aliveinphilly .. Yes .. I use straps to attach the forward and aft sections on the bimini to the boat and the center is supported by the poles/sliders attached to the tracks. Check out Stingysailor – he has all the links to attach the bimini correctly. All the best, J.


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