Delta Anchor

Sailing Santa Monica Bay doesn’t lend itself to too much anchoring and rowing to shore. So it wasn’t a necessity to have an anchor mounted on the bow, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

The Delta Anchor mounted on the bow. You can see it is held by a locking pin.
The Delta Anchor mounted on the bow. You can see it is held by a locking pin.

But, I was impressed by the look Chip Ford achieved by having his Delta Anchor mounted off the bow of his Catalina 22 – ‘Chip Ahoy’.

I decided on a 14 pound Delta Anchor I picked up on Amazon.

Mounting a Delta Anchor on the bow of SV Mia Noi also involved creating an ‘anchor locker’ in the V-Space in the bow of the boat.

I first built a swing door to separate the ‘anchor locker’ from the living section of the V-Berth. Before loading the rode and chain into the ‘anchor locker’, I lined the interior with two inch thick foam to absorb the constant impact of the rode/chain as well as soak up any water that made it’s way inside.

The big job and scariest part was cutting a hole in the bow deck for the deck pipe. Initially I was concerned about impacting the structural integrity of the bow by cutting a hole in the bow. At the start of my rebuild of SV Mia Noi, I installed a Stem Reinforcement Assembly, so I figured the forestay weight would be displaced here.

The ‘anchor locker’ holds a maximum 200 foot of rode and 12 foot of chain. Unfortunately the base drum of the CDI Rolling Furler sits too low to allow the Delta Anchor to mount under it and on the Anchor Roller.

Initially I mounted the Delta Anchor to the Anchor Roller and tied it to the bow pulpit. However, I removed it after several rough weather sailing trips as the weight of the Delta Anchor was bending the holding pin on the Anchor Roller.

I now store the Delta Anchor below deck and attached it to the D Shackle on the anchor chain when I want to use it.

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