T.V. ‘On The Water’

In the great little sailing book – ‘Sailing Big On A Small Boat’, the author Jerry Caldwell IMG_3997writes about the pitfalls of weighing down your ‘small boat’ with unnecessary ‘stuff’! Lucky for me, I didn’t read Jerry’s book until after I’d installed a 12 volt television in the cabin. And I’m glad I did. (I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with ‘And’ – but I did).

The TV fits naturally in the divider space between the V-Berth and the Port side table area. I painted a piece of leftover board and used it to mount the TV. Once again doing a bit IMG_3994of DYI wiring, I ran power to the TV under the Port side cabin sole.

For reception, I picked up a $6.27 thin Mediasonic Homeworx Thin Indoor Antenna from Amazon. In the future I would like to permanently mount a vertical antenna on the mast, I’m still researching it and it could be a project next time I drop the mast.

The TV has been a great addition to my Catalina 22. Using the free to air channels, I spent the 2015 season – Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching or listening to the College Football or NFL games while working on SV Mia Noi or sailing her on Santa Monica Bay.


2 thoughts on “T.V. ‘On The Water’

    1. Hi ‘Stingy’ .. thanks mate, your assistance and advice has been invaluable. Check out the project videos where you get a chance. I plan to make a post for each down the track. All the best, J.


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