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CDI Furler

When I purchased SV Mia Noi, she had a ‘hanked-on’ jib which was not

The CDI Flexible Furler installed and furled tight

suitable for my plan to rig the boat all lines aft and safely sail solo. I bought a CDI Flexible Furler and 135% Furling Sail from Catalina Direct.

The time between when I purchased the CDI Flexible Furler and installed it was about 8 weeks. Delivered in a large pizza size box, the plastic flexible luff required effort to straighten it out before installing. I first tied it to the boat trailer for 48 hours and then bent it back on itself for 12 hours to get the furler luff straight enough to install on the forestay. Check out the factory installation guide.

Jib 1I installed the CDI Furler single handed with the mast raised.

Having now sailed for four months with the CDI Flexible Furler rig   – I’d recommend it to anyone with a Catalina 22. It’s simple to install, furls without effort and is easily reefed.


Installing all the new hardware – winches, cleats, fiddle block with becket and stern pulpits were time consuming endeavors. But, I learnt a lot about SV Mia Noi. It was time and money well spent! One of the best upgrades I made was installing a Lewmar Double Rope Clutch to enable all lines aft for solo sailing.

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Mia Noi – Naming

About a month after the paint job was complete, I finally got around to putting on Mia Noi’s lettering and making her new name complete. She now had a personality and home port! I purchased the name, numbers and lettering from US Boat. The sticky letters were easy to install.

Mast Up!

Originally I was going to hire a rigger to rig my mast – but in the end I decided to save a few dollars and do it myself. I’m really happy I did. Again, it was a great educational experience to learn, make a few mistakes and feel confident knowing every part of the boat. Ruben at Seamark Marine used a hoist to raise the mast which made the job a cinch.

Transom Thru-Hole

A previous owner of My Catalina had installed a bilge pump which is great, but for some reason the bilge pump was connected to a thru-hole that emptied into the cockpit. It meant the water was trapped onboard – a potential disaster waiting to happen! So, the first major improvement I undertook was to reinstall the thru-hole, this time via a hose running out the Port-side transom.

New Bunks

With Mia Noi off the trailer for the first time, it gave me a chance to check out the condition of the wood bunks. I was horrified when I pulled back a small section of the carpet. The wooden bunks were rotten thru – I was lucky they had supported the weight of the boat this long. It turned out to be a quick and easy job to replace the bunks – the job took about 4-hours total.

Test Drive

More than two months after I purchased ‘Mia Noi’, I finally got to give her a ‘road test’ in Marina Del Rey. It was a great feeling to drive off from Seamark Marina with ‘Mia Noi’ in tow. I was a little trepid as a reversed the trailer down the ramp – wondering in the  back of my mind if ‘Mia Noi’ would sink or float as her transom began to touch the salt water of the Pacific Ocean! The outboard started immediately using the electric start. Afloat .. I took ‘Mia Noi’ for her first ‘motor’ around Marina Del Rey, happy my dreams were coming true!

New Hardware

With the paint job done, I started to re-sit all the hardware I removed prior to painting of ‘Mia Noi’ or planned to replace. It was an eye opening lesson on the cost of boat parts and forced me to go all over the Catalina – into the tight spots, everywhere with a fine tooth comb. I now have greater comfort in my knowledge of ‘Mia Noi’s’ bits, pieces and potential trouble spots.

A Sailor’s Best Friend

When I purchased ‘Mia Noi’ she came with an 8HP two-stroke outboard. She started – was a little smokey and would do the job. But, for safety reasons and personal reassurance I purchased an new four-stroke Nissan 8HP outboard. It’s a good fit for my Catalina and I wanted to make sure I had a best friend out on the water if the weather turned un-friendly! The transom was reinforced with a plastic plate to assist in accommodating the 90 pound outboard, I also purchased a new bracket for the engine.