Crib Boards

I wanted to create some air-flow into the cabin while SV Mia Noi was sitting on her trailer, so my solution was to put a vent in the cockpit crib boards.

The boards were looking a little worn, the varnish was faded and worn. So the project seemed like a good time to kill two birds with one stone.SV MIA NOI - CRIB BOARDS.Still001

I purchased the vent from West Marine during their cyber Monday sale and picked up the varnish at Home Depot. For previous varnish jobs I purchased an expensive teak varnish from West Marine, but for this job I went for a $12 can for Rustolium varnish. The crib boards are covered by the cabin tarp 95% of the time, so I couldn’t justify the added expense of the West Marine varnish.SV MIA NOI - CRIB BOARDS.Still009

Started the job at 10am .. sanded, made the cut-out, varnished and installed the new vent around 4pm. One-Day Paint Job!

Transom Thru-Hole

A previous owner of My Catalina had installed a bilge pump which is great, but for some reason the bilge pump was connected to a thru-hole that emptied into the cockpit. It meant the water was trapped onboard – a potential disaster waiting to happen! So, the first major improvement I undertook was to reinstall the thru-hole, this time via a hose running out the Port-side transom.

New Bunks

With Mia Noi off the trailer for the first time, it gave me a chance to check out the condition of the wood bunks. I was horrified when I pulled back a small section of the carpet. The wooden bunks were rotten thru – I was lucky they had supported the weight of the boat this long. It turned out to be a quick and easy job to replace the bunks – the job took about 4-hours total.

Test Drive

More than two months after I purchased ‘Mia Noi’, I finally got to give her a ‘road test’ in Marina Del Rey. It was a great feeling to drive off from Seamark Marina with ‘Mia Noi’ in tow. I was a little trepid as a reversed the trailer down the ramp – wondering in the  back of my mind if ‘Mia Noi’ would sink or float as her transom began to touch the salt water of the Pacific Ocean! The outboard started immediately using the electric start. Afloat .. I took ‘Mia Noi’ for her first ‘motor’ around Marina Del Rey, happy my dreams were coming true!

New Hardware

With the paint job done, I started to re-sit all the hardware I removed prior to painting of ‘Mia Noi’ or planned to replace. It was an eye opening lesson on the cost of boat parts and forced me to go all over the Catalina – into the tight spots, everywhere with a fine tooth comb. I now have greater comfort in my knowledge of ‘Mia Noi’s’ bits, pieces and potential trouble spots.

Seamark Marine

The refurbishment of my Catalina 22 was completed by Seamark Marine at Marina Del Rey. Ruben Flores, Seamark Marine’s Owner/Operator is honest, generous with his time and advice – plus he did a great job painting and repairing my Catalina 22 ‘Mia Noi’. Ruben allowed me to do the small stuff, such a re-wiring the mast and removing the hardware from ‘Mia Noi’. I recommend Seamark Marine if you need work done on your sailboat or motorboat. The majority of boat repair yards in Marina Del Rey prefer to work on new boats. Ruben and his team are different, old or new – no job is too difficult and you’ll be happy with the results.

Wood Work 102

My living room looked and smelt like a wood workshop for several weeks while I undertook the lengthly process of sanding and varnishing the external teak and mahogany handrails and sliders. I had a companion way trim set custom made in Florida by Woodshop 102. Rex Rothing did a great job cutting the pieces and he was cheaper than purchasing the plastic version offered by Catalina Direct. I did however decided to replace the cockpit coaming compartment trim with the plastic trim from Catalina Direct.

Mast Rigging

I decided to replace all the Catalina’s rigging and install an ‘all lines aft’ systems. As I was installing a CDI Furler, I needed to purchase only 1/2 of the ‘all lines aft kit’ from Catalina Direct. The first project was to remove the stainless steel mainsail/jib halyard lines and replace the old sheaves at the mast head with new 1/4 inch line friendly sheaves.

Old Is New Again

I didn’t have plans to polish the fuel locker vents until I saw the results of Chip Ahoy’s refurbishment of his vents. It’s a decision I don’t regret (check out photos below). Verne’s Chrome Plating in Hawthorne, Los Angeles did a great job making the ‘old vents new again’!

Top Sides – RED!

A few days after the grey primer was applied, Ruben Flores at Seamark Marine spray painted the Top Sides – Red. ‘Mia Noi’ really started to take on her new look! She looks like a completely different boat.