Project Videos


Project: Keel Removal

Project: Keel Attach Weldment – Part 1

Project: Keel Attach Weldment – Part 2

Project: Keel Overhaul

Project: Keel Install

Project: Keel Locking Strap

Project: Keel Hangers

Project: Crib Boards

Project: Deck Spray Painting

2 thoughts on “Project Videos

  1. That is one fantastic looking Catalina 22. Looks like Chip Ford has a rival! I think this one is the best I’ve seen. But you’ve got to tell us what your restoration budget looked like, as I’d like to do something similar, perhaps over the course of several years. But just a fantastic restoration of a classic boat.


    1. Hi Jean Paul .. thanks for the kind message. Rough figures .. Repainting cost $7K professional done, new engine $1800, around $6K in new hardware and electronics … a year of elbow grease … the cost of fun, satisfaction and enjoyment .. priceless and worth every penny. Looking back, it was a fun project. I knew very little about boat repairs and now feel the money I invested was well spent, if only the education it gave me for when I upgrade to a bigger boat. All the best, J.


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